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An Experienced Attorney

Justin Carroll is a nationally recognized attorney with over 11 years of experience practicing law at some of the top firms and highest courts in the country.  As Town Justice, Justin will work tirelessly to address every case with fairness, integrity and compassion to ensure impartial and effective administration of our Town Court.



Dedicated to Our Community

As a dedicated public servant, Justin has a long history of giving back to his community.  In addition to his service on a number of public and non-profit boards and task forces, most recently Justin was unanimously appointed to the Town of Clinton Planning Board.  The Planning Board is responsible for guiding development of land and growth within the Town of Clinton in accordance with Zoning Law, and reviews and approves development in the Town of Clinton.

Justin has also served as an advisor and mentor to hundreds of teenagers through the YMCA’s Youth & Government program.  For the last 11 years, Justin has worked with an Assistant United States Attorney to run a statewide judicial program that teaches high school students how to be judges and attorneys in a mock New York state government.  Justin is passionate about teaching and mentoring youth, and stresses to his students the importance of reading and understanding statutes, approaching every case with an open mind, and serving as a fair and impartial interpreter of the law – principles that make up the essential core of our country’s judicial branch and which would guide Justin in the role of Town Justice. 


Looking to the Future

As Town Justice, Justin will ensure that our Town Court is open and accessible to all and as “user-friendly” as possible.  Justin believes every Town Justice has a special responsibility to instill confidence in the fairness, integrity and competence of our courts and is committed to Clinton’s future for all of our families.